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The Team

Founder – Daniel Thomas

My love for music started when I was 14. Envious of schoolmates who garnered attention with their musical talents, especially on the piano, I pleaded with my parents to let me learn the electric organ.

Heeding my wishes, my parents enrolled me in music classes. Over the next few years, I dabbled with various instruments, from the violin to the piano, ultimately choosing the latter. In secondary school, I bonded with fellow piano enthusiasts, immersing ourselves in the melodies of Mozart and Chopin.

This ardor for classical music persisted into Junior College. I joined the school choir and even made new ‘piano friends’ who reveled in performing intense pieces by composers like Rachmaninoff, Liszt, and Chopin.

University introduced me to a broader musical spectrum. My closest friend exposed me to genres like progressive metal, rock, blues, and jazz. I found myself captivated by artists such as Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Herbie Hancock, Journey, Chick Corea, and Miles Davis. It felt like a revelation, expanding my horizons beyond classical confines.

Today, my exploration of audio and music continues. This blog chronicles my journey, and I’m continually astounded by the audio knowledge I’ve amassed. I aspire for my journey to inspire others, fueling their curiosity about the audio and music industry and the incredible equipment it offers.